NHS70 – Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is about celebrating a truly exceptional someone. They will have spent a significant proportion of their career in the NHS caring for others and putting the needs of others before their own.

They will have made a lasting impression, demonstrated a passion for the NHS and made things better for people through their dedication, approach to care and compassion, knowledge, skills and determination.

This person may have had to overcome objections or barriers, find new ways of working and developed new approaches to deliver the best possible care or support for people in Gloucestershire.

In recognition of NHS70, this award is open to an individual who is either currently serving within the NHS or has retired.

  • What makes this individual’s contribution outstanding?
  • How has this individual shown a determination to succeed, to overcome barriers and achieve the best outcomes for patients/public?
  • Views of colleagues, patients/public – how would you describe this person and their approach? What kind of a person are they? How would you describe their lasting legacy?
  • How are they/have they inspired or encouraged others?